Warrior Helmet Covert CF 100

CUSTOM FIT INSERTS | Heat moldable inserts in the front and back of the helmet
allow for a custom fit for each individual player, providing the perfect fit no
matter the head shape. Dialing in the perfect fit is not just about comfort, it is
also Step 1 in protection. The CF 100 is the ultimate combination of fit, comfort
and protection.

LINER | EPP liner is the foundation to providing lightweight protection against
all impacts. IMPAX foam zones over the temples provide an additional level of
protection against hits and other impacts.

SNAP FLAPS | Traditional tool-less adjustment system to properly fit the helmet,
hassle free.

COOLING VENTS | Integrated within the helmet shell, our unique vent design
directs air flow thru the helmet and around the player’s head to help stay cool
out on the ice.

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