Graf Ultra G3075

Advanced hockey skate for amateur ice hockey with bold black and red design and high-end features.

  • Reinforced 3D-Shaped PP Composite-Structure Quarter Panels
  • 9MM White Felt Tongue with Force Distribution Pad
  • 3D Comfort Microfiber Lining
  • Bold Black and Red Design
  • Anatomically Shaped Curved-Edge Toe Cap
  • Transparent Durable Pebax Outsole
  • Venom Pro Blade Mounted with RMS Steel Screws
ULTRA G3075 is inspired by previous GRAF Hockey skates like the ULTRA G70 and shares the lightweight construction and ergonomic shape with them. In addition to the typical characteristics of a GRAF Hockey skate, the G3075 boasts a bold new black and red design.Similar to previous GRAF Hockey models, such as the G9045 skate, the ULTRA G3075 comes with a metatarsal protection. The plastic pad helps to protect the foot from side impact and increases the durability of the boot.The white felt tongue on the ULTRA G3075 comes with an impact absorption pad, which protects from shots and hits from other player’s sticks. The pad also helps to distribute the pressure of the laces over the full surface of the foot. As a result, laces can be pulled tighter, which helps to increase the transfer of power from the leg to the ice.G3075’s have soft micro-fibre inner lining and anatomical padding, which helps to keep feet firm in the boot and reduces pressure points.The 3075 transfers the power of your leg to the ice with the newly developed Venom Pro blades. Venom Pro feature a redesigned angle of attack on the boot and improved shape of the blade to maximize contact to the ice during every single stride.

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